This site has been setup to give the truth behind my expulsion from the BVWS.
Unfortunately the Chairman has done everything in his power to prevent me from bring this to the attention of the membership.

It involves myself, David Church - ex vice chairman and membership Secretary
My partner Benita who many members will have met as she ran the BVWS stall at events
and the three main charactors in this disgraceful business
The Chairman, Greg Hewitt
The Secretary, Jeremy Owen who also likes to be called Jezzer
and finally a minor player in this matter - a BVWS member called Jeffrey Borinsky

The background

Please read the following email sent by The Secretary, Jeremy Owen. This started it all. The significance of the email is not just the line The higher value B&B donations items could be filtered off to Mikes stall, and less desirable items from Mikes stores pushed onto the B&B.

That in itself showed, in my opinion, intent to defraud the charity. My outrage was further inflamed by the fact that Jeremy Owen and Jeffrey Borinsky were representing the Dulwich Museum at the bring and buy and was clearly scheming against them. I then dug a little further and suprise suprise I discovered that both Jeremy Owen and Jeffrey Borinsky were trustees of other, separate charities. It also transpired that Borinsky at least was using the bring and buy as a vehicle to raise funds for his own charity, there was a clear conflict of interest here. In my opinion the words dishonest, dishonourable and shameless are not enough.